When the lights come on and the sun goes down, Merida does not sleep yet, because the party is about to begin, it transforms into a city of party and fun offering a variety of events and shows no matter what day it is. Bars, restaurants, discos, parks and squares prepare to receive their guests; cinemas and ice cream parlors become more famous at night too.
Many of these sites can be enjoyed any day of the week, but there are also shows that come together at a specific time, becoming part of the Yucatecan tradition.


Mondays are from Vaquería Yucateca, this permanent event can be enjoyed on the ground floor of the Municipal Palace, starting at 9 at night. Hundreds of people gather to admire the typical dance of the region, the jarana, which with its movements and elegant measures amaze the entire audience, in addition to the funny stories better known as “Bombas” that start with laughter and laughter. liven up the atmosphere. The most intense moment is when the dancers draw lots by placing a tray with several bottles full of water on their heads or dancing on a "bushel" with the tray on their heads, tempting gravity.


In the Parque de Santiago, every Tuesday there is an activity called "Musical Remembrances" starting at 8:30 pm, where you can dance to the rhythm of the 40s, ideal for people in the third age who want to have a pleasant time and even for the youngest who are attracted to know and learn to dance this music.


There are two activities on Wednesdays that you can do, the first is to Take a Tour of the Merida Cemetery that begins at 8:00 pm, even though for many it sounds scary, it is actually an unforgettable experience, since there are beautiful mausoleums bathed in the glow of the moon and the guide's anecdotes make your perception of the place change completely.
The second thing you can do is enjoy the "Night of Cultures" Meeting with Francisco de Montejo this starts at 9:00 pm and the place that houses it is the Casa de Montejo. In this place you will listen to a talk between Don Francisco de Montejo and a Maya, who will tell you the history of our beautiful city.


Thursdays are adorned with the music of various troubadours who come to the Parque de Santa Lucía for the traditional "Serenade", a true musical delight for lovers of this genre, the appointment is at 9 at night.
In addition to that from Thursday to Saturday you can enjoy an activity called "In the heart of Merida", which consists of closing an entire street in the city so that restaurateurs, musical groups, local artists and artisans can display their products in full public thoroughfare, ensuring that the visitor can circulate without fear in this space and for a period of time (from 3 hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am) can stay to enjoy the atmosphere of party that is offered to them.

Mapping Merida, Piedras Sagradas


Friday nights are the favorite of many Yucatecans, the streets of Paseo Montejo are adorned by those who are waiting for the main nightclubs to open their doors and thus enjoy a great evening, full of music and fun, restaurants and bars are Of the most frequented, the days when big events such as soccer and boxing are broadcast, the screens are occupied by the hundreds of fans who enjoy a good drink while getting excited with said programming.


Saturdays are also traditional in Merida as the Mexican Night takes place at the Paseo Montejo Auction, in which great performers of vernacular music come together to infect young and old with the spirit of Mexico, you can also find various positions of food and typical crafts of the region.
Also admire on Saturdays the representation of the Ball Game "Pok Ta Pok" at 8:00 pm on one side of the Cathedral of Merida. This is a show that you should definitely not miss, it is full of tradition, history and culture.

In the Center of the city you can admire the Mapping video that is projected in the Cathedral of Merida under the theme of "Sacred Stones", in which at 8:00 pm they tell you the history of the city while images are reflected Allusive to what is being narrated, this show brings together hundreds of people who together with their friends or family spend an entertaining time.

Another event that you can enjoy on Saturdays at 8:00 pm is the show "Dialogues with the Conqueror" that is exhibited at the Francisco de Montejo House in the center of the city. For those who wish to enjoy this cultural show, it is essential to purchase tickets at boletazo.com at a cost of $ 120 pesos, children under 11 years of age and older adults cannot attend due to the pandemic.

poktapok, Vida Nocturna en Merida


Merida en Domingo, is a space in which all day in the center of the city you will find artisans, typical food and music wherever you move. In the morning, the Zócalo de Merida is full of stalls, its surrounding streets are closed for the enjoyment of pedestrians who seek to enjoy a dish, show or simply walk with the family. At night the streets become a great dance floor and the atmosphere is party, where you can enjoy the different musical styles offered by the restaurateurs, without neglecting that along the streets musical artists and artisans display their products.

The parks also have much to offer, such is the case of the Parque de las Américas, where cultural events are constantly held in the acoustic shell, the rest of the days you can enjoy exquisite marquesitas, French fries, banderillas, corn, etc. Esquites, raspados, churros, among other goodies, while the little ones enjoy a pleasant time in the bouncers or on the swings.

For those who wish to learn a little more about the history of the origins according to the Mayan ancestors, the Great Museum of the Mayan World presents every night the light and sound show in which it is told from the creation of the universe, This staging takes place every day, on the esplanade of the museum, at 9 pm, admission is free.

But if you prefer something more dark, do not hesitate to go to the legendary nights, held on Fridays and Saturdays, starting from the Peón Contreras Theater, a tour through the streets of the historic center and the legends that are told occurred in each of the stations of the ride. The route begins at 8:30 at night.

All this and more is Merida at night, the range of options is wide, because in addition to those mentioned here, there are also many more, eager to be discovered, without neglecting the various comic and some other drama and musical functions that the Theaters present, as well as concerts by varied artists, from local and national to international ones.