Among the traditions of the ancient Mayans is the Ball Game, which more than a sport constitutes a true ritual with which to thank the good harvest and also ask the gods for their protection, this set is called Pok Ta Pok .

The ball used in this ritual is made of rubber, the warriors are divided into two teams, which must score said ball in one of the stone rings placed at various points on the court and some distance from the ground, the complex thing here is that this throw must be with the hips only. These warriors had to be strong because they represented the gods themselves, so it is said that the team that lost had to be sacrificed, that even though death itself was an honor for the participant to give his life before his gods.

Because it is also a ritual, a moment of purification is necessary before starting, for which the presence of a Mayan priest is necessary to consecrate the game, after this, the Pok Ta Pok begins.

Nowadays, it is common to see representations of this event in the Chichen Itzá archaeological zone, where visitors enjoy a true spectacle. The acceptance and fame created by this event has been such that in 2013 a sample of this was presented in the city of Merida, attracting a large number of spectators, which is why in 2014 the Municipal Subdirectorate of Tourism decided to institute this representation as permanent program of the city.

On February 7, this program was inaugurated with the first performance at the doors of the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, thus, every Friday we will be able to enjoy this show from 8 at night, free of charge.

Also at the end of the event, attendees will have the opportunity to take a souvenir photograph with the protagonists of this show.

As in ancient times, the warriors present themselves with their pre-Hispanic Yucatan costumes and painted faces, ready to defend their lineage, the competition between the Xiues and the Cocomes is about to begin.

The incense, the copal, the sound of the snails, will not wait, without a doubt a true event.

Photos of Pok Ta Pok