The building is 30 m long by 10 m wide and is made up of seven rooms. The decoration is sober and its smooth interior walls contrast with the small columns found on the upper façade, where along the cornice there are sculptures of turtles, which acquire importance due to their association with the rain and the earth. Surely this temple was dedicated to the aquatic cult. Its construction corresponds to the late phase of the flourishing Puuc or late Uxmal style (900-1000 AD).

This building contains a series of three central parallel bays, which are accessed through an entrance located to the north and three to the south. Some of the rooms have low stools that were used to sit or lie down.

Casa de las Tortugas en Uxmal, Ruta Puuc

The upper part of the façade is decorated by elongated and thin columns which, together with the molding and cornice, constitute one of the typical arrangements of the late phase of the flourishing Puuc style (around 900-1000 AD).

On the cornice are sculptures of turtles, whose shell symbolizes the surface of the earth.