When we want to know a little more about a specific place or moment, there is nothing better than a museum; History museums, ancient or contemporary art museums are well known, but have you ever imagined an underwater museum?

This proposal sounds a bit strange, but without a doubt it turns out to be a unique experience, this is possible in the National Marine Park of Mexico in Isla Mujeres, however there are already so many sculptures that are expanding covering part of Punta Nizuc.

Museo Subacuático de Cancun

In this museum it is possible to observe large sculptures submerged in depths of between 3 and 8 meters, so that it is possible to approach them on a diving or snorkeling tour, but thanks to the transparent waters of the Caribbean they can also be observed from a boat with a bottom of Cristal.

One of the purposes of these works, in addition to providing tourists with a new way of knowing and reflecting on a sustainable life and in full harmony with marine nature, is at the same time to help the creation of new reefs and thus promote more life. In its interior, then, due to the cyclones that have recently attacked this area, many reefs began to be lost; These sculptures are made with materials that allow the growth of algae and plankton.

Museo Subacuático de Cancun

Among the messages that these elements emit, those of hope and care of the species that inhabit here reign, as is the case of the one in which there are some bottles with messages that encourage us to fight for a better world, another more called " The Burning Man "reflects the way in which the human being is wasting away while damaging his environment; among others.

Access to the Aquatic Museum is from the coast of Isla Mujeres, located 20 minutes from Cancun.