Cancun is recognized everywhere for its beautiful beaches and excellence in its hotels, but this is not only what it is all about, because as you enter the city, you will also be surprised by everything you can find.

A clear example of the above is market 28, where you can find everything you are looking for and at very good prices, from jewelry and clothing to costume jewelery, accessories and handicrafts.

It is good to get away from the big squares to explore new places and this is a very good option, with a great variety of stalls, some restaurants and even tortilla shops and a supermarket, it also has different banks, shoe stores, clothing stores, among others.

This place is well known for its classic "haggling" because the items are not marked with specific prices, so two different people can have the same products each with a different price.

If you are not used to haggling, do not worry, it will be so many times that you will observe it from the moment you enter, that you will surely be able to learn quickly, but be careful when you are in front of a handicraft stall, because the creators are very proud of their works that if it lowers them too much, they could feel offended and undervalued.

In addition to the aforementioned, another big difference between this place and the large squares is that it is frequently visited by the inhabitants of Cancun, because it is in the center, so that in addition to being able to enjoy a pleasant day of shopping, it is also you can take a closer look at the daily life of those who live here.

But not because it is the favorite of the natives, it should be a different world for visitors, so it is not necessary to go to an exchange office to make your purchases, the establishments accept dollars.

Definitely, a walk through Market 28 is a true experience, very different from what many know about Cancun.

To get there, you only have to go to the center first and from there go a little further to find it, if you come by truck it will be less complex because you only have to take the one that indicates on the windshield that leads to this market, it will get off at the corner.