At the time when high temperatures take over the thermometer, one of the best remedies is a cool dip in the sea, how about the Mexican Caribbean?

One of the most desired destinations for national and international tourists is Cancun, for its clear waters and white sand, however, not all who visit it stay in the hotel zone, a few steps from the beach, but it is not an impediment to immerse yourself in it. For this there are public beaches. Although the expansion of hotels has been increasing rapidly, this does not prevent the rest of the people from having a way to the beach, the detail is in the entrances, those are few, but not impossible. Each access has been marked with signs to indicate where they are, each one receives a different name and has different characteristics. One of the favorite public beaches of the people of Cancun is Playa Las Perlas, where it is common to observe bathers practicing some water sport, thanks to the level of waves it has, so it is not highly recommended for people who do not know how to swim.

Gaviota Azul Beach Cancun, Cancun Beach


Caracol beach, is another with moderate swell, this is on the side of the square of the same name, one of the advantages of here is that it has parking and restaurants, ideal for going with children.

A third beach and one of the busiest is Playa delfínes, better known as El Mirador, due to this structure that allows you to appreciate the most beautiful sunrises in front of the sea, also at night it is an ideal place to camp or simply enjoy the night breeze , one of the favorite places for young people from Cancun.

Another favorite beach for surfing is Playa Chaac Mool, located right in front of Señor Froggs. One that is also close to the main attractions of the hotel zone is Playa Marlin, located next to Plaza Kukulkán, it is easy to reach by public transport.

plaza forum by the sea, plaza forum cancun

If what you are looking for is a sport such as jet sky or riding a banana, do not hesitate to visit Playa Ballenas, here you will find the ideal setting and the establishments that offer these services.

But without a doubt, one of the favorites for both national and international tourism is Playa Tortugas, the busiest in Cancun due to the tranquility of its waters, in addition to the fact that it is from here where the boats that go to Isla Mujeres depart, and for if that were not enough, it offers bar services, restaurants, convenience stores and even sun lounger rental, as well as parking.

All these beaches are publicly accessible, which means that it is not necessary to be staying in one of the large hotels to be able to swim, it is enough to locate them, go to them and enjoy.