Along Paseo Montejo there are two houses that stand out for a singular characteristic, they are identical, due to this they are known today as Twin Houses, they were built at the beginning of the 20th century by the engineer Manuel Cantón, who built the Canton Palace.

The plans were brought by the Cámara brothers, Ernesto and Camilo, from France, as they wanted them to have similar appearances to those of that country.

They are first located at a half level above the floor, they have a basement and a half basement, their balconies and windows are decorated with fine ironwork finishes, the walls with beautiful high reliefs.

Casas Gemelas in Paseo Montejo

One of the houses remained unfinished and it was until it was acquired by its current owner, Mr. Mario Molina that it was built in its entirety; while the other was bought by Mr. Fernando Barbachano, who, having it among his properties, decided to remodel it in the style of his time and that is how it remains until now.

They are located in the full Paseo Montejo between streets 45 and 43, in the city of Merida.

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Paseo de Montejo Houses