Near the city of Valladolid to one kilometer in the town of Dzitnup is the Cenote Sambula. It is a beautiful underground cavern that will surprise you with its natural beauty and the breadth of the place. People who have been guarding this place cleaned up and made a multitude of ways that will lead not only to the entrance of the cenote, its craft stalls, if you go to enjoy nature on a long walk in their surroundings, no doubt enjoy.

By accessing the cenote have to go down stairs made of stone, so you should be careful when entering the first level you will find that you can see from the top of the spectacular beauty of the place, its vastness surround you and you can not stop admiring, continued at the second level by a wooden stairs that allow you to look at it from another angle and finally come down to discover a small platform where you can swim from there, or if you wish esnorqueliar a diving kick you in the deepest part. If you do not have a team do not worry there will Rent it you need to enjoy a rich and refreshing swim.

Its crystal clear turquoise blue are illuminated through a hole in the top of the cave where you can admire as the hanging roots of a tree has been cut into the surface but that is still alive because it follows the water feeding, admired the fish that live in and see clearly where their bottoms and deep here you can safely enjoy this cool and underground cenote.

Its natural beauty and panoramic view are images that you can not erase from your mind.

Location Map