The Temple of the 7 Dolls or Temple of the Sun

Temple of the 7 dolls

The main structure is known as "The Temple of the 7 Dolls" or "Temple of the Sun", which is a quadrangular substructure of what was once a monumental temple and in which a solar phenomenon can be observed, where the god Maya del Sol shows its fiery plumage through the doors of the majestic temple during the first days of spring and autumn, due to the impressive mathematical precision of the Mayans. Show worthy of admiration to understand the perfection of the wisdom of this civilization.

Cenote Xlacah

Photos of Dzibilchaltun

On the other side, topping the central plaza on the west side is the cenote Xlacah (Old Town), one of the largest and deepest found to date in Yucatan, a large number of archaeological pieces have been rescued, mainly vessels, its waters Crystalline covered with lilies that float on the surface have been eternal witnesses of the greatness of this place, gaining incomparable beauty when crossed by the rays of the sun.

Equinox in Dzibilchaltun