This municipality of Yucatan is located an hour and a half from the city of Mérida and its name means “Swallow of Water“, in this town you will find many attractions that you can visit, such as the temple of the Holy Trinity, the Temple of San Francisco de Asís, the Municipal Palace, the giant letters, the former Hacienda Xcuchbalam, Eknakán, Xculab, Chuncan and of course its cenotes.

The town became very famous for its cenotes, but above all for the special way they have to take you to see them, we refer to the use of trucks, which are carts pulled by horses, which makes this experience much more attractive. .

In this place you can enjoy the Ruta de los Cenotes, since here begins a large extension of sites where you can meet, explore, swim and enjoy large, small cenotes, in caves, open, closed, with crystal clear waters. in shades of green and blue, if you have the opportunity, don't forget to visit and get to know each one of them.

Cenotes of Cuzama

X'tohil Tourist Parador

X'tohil Tourist Parador

In this adventure we will visit 4 cenotes, Cenote X'tohil, Cenote San Felipe, Cenote Ayuso and Cenote Sak Pakal, all cave-type and the tour is done in a truck pulled by horses

Route the 3 Cenotes of Cuzamá

Route the 3 Cenotes of Cuzamá

It is the classic route of the 3 Cenotes of Cuzama, called Cenote Cheletún, Cenote Chak Zinik Che and Cenote Bolom Chojol, the tour is done by truck.

San José Eknakan, Route of the Convents in Yucatan

San José Eknakan

San José Eknakan is a former hacienda that was founded in the 18th century as a cattle station under the jurisdiction of the town of Homún. In 1790 its owner was Don Gregorio Antonio Pastrana, an important Yucatecan landowner...

Acanceh Yucatán - Convents Route - Yucatan


In the main square you can visit two restored Mayan buildings, the pyramid and the Palacio de los Estucos. These buildings are dated to the early classical period, between the 5th and 6th centuries AD. C., ...