This section has been enabled and opened so that the stone and stucco panels on the facade of Room 29 can be admired and at the same time to protect the Stone Sculpture.

The Stone Sculpture was not located in this room originally, but in a small room on the fifth level. His head and hands were not located in the excavation and were apparently cut or mutilated with the intention, perhaps, of diminishing his energy or power in Mayan times.

The sculpture was relocated to this space to protect and display it, as it is an extraordinary work of stone sculpted work.

The sculpture represents the body of a mature, elite woman who wears a large string of beads, imitating those made of jade, a layer of shell beads, and a very luxurious tubular bead lack. She is carrying an object on her right arm detained with her hand. At the top it has a mask of a deity. Her throne has the Ik (wind) symbol at the bottom.

Her royal title could be Ku'Hul Ixik, sacred Lady, to whose person some glyphic texts from room 22 refer. She was an important woman, perhaps from Cobá and of royal blood. She perhaps she responsible for founding one of the known dynasties in Ek Balam, and whose descendant was Ukit Kan Lek Tok´, who built the stucco façade.

Room 29 and Stone SculptureRoom 29 and Stone Sculpture