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Bastion of the Soledad Campeche

This fortress was the largest of eight joined to the ancient wall completely surrounding the center of Campeche in the 17th century. It served to shelter the dock that led to the Sea Gate, the main sea entrance to the town.

Its name alludes to the Virgen de la Soledad, a devotuion in Spanish-speaking countries commemorating the solitude of Mary on Holy Saturday and in some regions considered the protectress of sailors and ships.

Bastion of the Soledad Campeche

The town of Campeche was the most important commercial centerin the provience of Yucatan in the 17th century. It wasthe port from wich highly prized palo de tinte (dyewood) was shipped and where European merchandise reached the peninsula. Consequently the ongoing attack of pirates and the systematic looting of the port made the construction of defensive works neccesary.

The first fortress known as Fuerza Vieja or El Bonete, was built close to this spot, but in 1867, an attack by Filibuster Lorencillo virtually razed it. A year later construction was begun of the wall with two doors, one to the sea and the other to the barrios, as well as the eigth fortresses, including that of Nuestra Señora de la Soledad. Later the Land Gate was added

Currently it is an important museum of Mayan pre-Hispanic pieces.

The architectural plan of this property is pentagonal. The bastion has a parade ground, a ramp, a space for the guardhouse, a walkway and a gorge, the latter demolished in the middle of the last century and rebuilt in the year 2000.

Although the museum is small, it has several architectural elements from the different regions of the Mayan culture, such as Chenes, Puc, Rio Bec and Peten Norte.

One of the outstanding pieces is the funerary trousseau that was brought from Structure VII of the Great Plaza of Calakmul, you can also see the stone sculpture of Chunhuhub, the mask of the god K'wii and various pieces such as columns, stelae lintels, jambs and anthropomorphic figures.

The venue has four exhibition halls named after prominent figures related to regional and national culture, a kind of tribute for the contributions that these illustrious people from Campeche made for the knowledge and preservation of the archaeological heritage.

  • Román Pina Chan Room – Mayan Architecture in Campeche
  • Nazario Quintana Bello Room – The Mayan Writing
  • Santiago Pacheco Cruz Room – The Puuc style
  • Pala Ponciano Salazar Ortegón. – The Chenes and Río Bec style

Bastion of the Soledad Campeche
Bastion of the Soledad Campeche

When you go up the side ramp you will be able to walk along a part of the wall that gives access to the upper part of the Puerta de Mar and the other section will take you right behind the Palace Museum where you will have a spectacular view of the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and on the other side the Banderas Park, the road reaches 53rd street where the World Heritage Plaza is located.

Bastion of the Soledad Campeche


Calle 8, Zona Centro, 24000 Campeche, Camp.

Visiting hours:

9:00 a.m. a 3:00 p.m. (Schedule for the tour of the wall)