In the Gulf Coast of Mexico is one place, the area of protection of flora and fauna Terminos Lagoon.

Neighbor of the Biosphere Reserve Centla Reservoirs, part of the largest watershed in the country. This is an extensive marsh where the marsh water filter.

This is a place where water from rivers and the sea are confused, here you will find mangrove forests, which constitute a great barrier against flooding and reduce the impact of weather events like hurricanes and tropical storms.

Terminos Lagoon Campeche

The mangrove is helpful because it serves as a reservoir of crustaceans and fish species and is also a suitable site for nesting birds and reptiles.

This site also promotes the high productivity of the fishery in the Gulf. This is because the water catch basin nutrient medium high currents and phenomena that vary in salinity levels in the lagoon.

Here we combine the sea salt water and fresh water rivers completely, giving property of estuaries.

It also has a extebsión of 705.016 hectares, making it one of the largest protected natural areas of Mexico. But not only that, the particular characteristics of Laguna de Términos “unique in the world,” he deserved it since last February 2, was declared RAMSAR SITE