In its 100 ha. Hampolol brings together features needed to protect and shelter lowland flora and medium.
Within the area there are swamps, where various species of reptiles, amphibians, songbirds and ornamental birds that joined to small and large mammals, give the area a major environmental enhancement for the state, especially your eyes water and the river that communicates with the sea.

The place is supplied by three bodies of water: two springs, natural outcrops of limestone, and a stream called Rio Verde, which runs roughly from south to north to where it forks left side, leading to the sea forming before two salt marshes, inaccessible and perfect for conversation. The other side is a stream that originates in a spring called by the settlers as Ek Holl meaning in Maya black star.

This is a subject of great importance, since it serves as a protection of various species that inhabit the various ecosystems between the stream and forest, wetland, freshwater and salt water, since during the rainy season ends by the currents varied Gulf of Mexico.

The place is excellent for observing animals in their natural habitat, birds like ducks and divers Camacho, small eagles, among other colorful birds and some migrants who are part of the scene at dawn, there are also a variety of reptiles, fish. The variety of mammals is great, but his observation is restricted to specific times.


It is located 24 km. the city of Campeche toward TenaboHampolol was established on what was the farm “two rivers” in order to preserve its natural resources and promote ecotourism, covering an area of 700 hectares on both sides bordering the brook Hampolol .