It is considered one of the main settlements Chenes style, was built on a natural elevation between 35 and 40 m in height, whose top was leveled and equipped with terraces.

The heart of Santa Rosa Xtampak, consists of a series of interconnected courtyards and squares, but in the western sector is relatively isolated groups and have found at least one sacbé, altars and a ball game.

This is one of the few Chenes sites with stelae, carved and smooth of which eight have been located. Recently found inscriptions in stone and paint, which record important dates, an emblem glyph likely an important event occurred on the site.

Also, has been found painted on tops of vaults and stone blocks, geometric and naturalistic, as well as representations of characters and fauna that was substantial portion of the external decoration of buildings and architectural evolution.

The palace is a building of three levels which has 27 rooms on the first floor, 12 in the second and five in the third, taking all 44 numbers. It has four external stairs which two are located in the west of the building and lead to the second floor, the others are useless and go 2 the second and third floors.

This building also has two staircases that connect the three levels of the building. Towards the east of the building apparently consists of three pyramid-shaped temples with a three-storey building in the rear.

It is located 137 km from the city of Campeche, in the municipality of Hopelchén. 79 km near the U.S. Highway 261 is the road on a paved road about 32 km to go right to the place.

Visiting hours are from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.