Palizada is a magical town that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, momentous events, Cottian in order magic that emanates from each of their socio-cultural manifestations, which today means a great opportunity for tourist use.

A friendly town whose houses with tile roofs hipped French, small lanes and friendly portals give a particular face, all framed by a lush landscape, daily life in this place is known for his interesting commerciality.

It is possible that the origin of its name comes from having been the main site of the hardwood court and, above all, logwood, whose logs were transported through the river current to the lagoon Palizada terms, for the landing in the then due Carmen villa abroad.

Palizada Campeche, Palizada

The magical town sits in the middle of an important hydrological zone formed by the confluence of the deltas of several rivers and a vast floodplain area, 199 kilometers southwest along the road Escárcega 186.

Ecotourism at its best, authentic rural tourism, flora fauna, fishing and adventures await you in Palizada, Campeche.

Photos of Palizada Campeche

Palizada Campeche, PalizadaPalizada Campeche, PalizadaPalizada Campeche, PalizadaPalizada Campeche, Palizada