Calakmul, Calakmul campeche

Calakmul Mayan Ruins

Calakmul represents for Mexico, it is one of the most important reserves, not because of its territorial extension but because of the variety of animal and plant species that coexist there in an area whose climate is privileged, hosting one of the most developed cultures of pre-Hispanic Mexico: the Mayan.

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edzna, adzna campeche

Edzna Mayan Ruins

Edzná which means "House of the Itzaes", is located 61 kilometers southeast of the City of Campeche . Access is via federal highway 180; at km. 45 you take a detour to highway 261 that leads to the archaeological zone.

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Chicanna, Chicanna Campeche

Chicanna Mayan Ruins

Its name means "the house of the serpent's mouth", this archaeological site was an important city in the Bec river region, dependent on Becán .

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Hochob, Hochob Campeche

Hochob Mayan Ruins

This site is located on a natural hill whose upper part, almost flat, serves as the foundation for a group of construction that the inhabitants of the region know by the name of Hochob , a word that in Mayan means "place of the ears of corn."

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hormiguero, hormiguero campeche

Hormiguero Mayan Ruins

It is an area constituted, to a large extent, by tropical forests that in some areas are interspersed with pasture savannahs, watered down and swamps. The fundamental geological formation is limestone, because its soils are thin, exhausting after having carried out work. ...

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Xpuhil, Xpuhil Campeche

Xpujil Mayan Ruins

It is the head of the municipality of Calakmul, in the vicinity of the population are the Mayan archaeological sites of Xpuhil, Becán, Chicanná, Balamcan, hormiguero and further southwest is the important Mayan city of Calakmul.

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Xcalumkin, Xcalumkin Campeche 

Xcalumkin Mayan Ruins

It is one of the richest sites in epigraphs and the best of Puuc architecture in the state. It is considered the regional capital of at least 25 sites that are located around it .....

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zona arqueologica Tabasqueño, Tabasqueño Campeche

Tabasqueño Mayan Ruins

Conservation and research work has been carried out on this site, so they do not have corridors for your visit, nor areas of cleared squares; It is important to observe on the site the structure called the emblem tower, which there are investigations that affirm ..

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kanki, kanki campeche

Kanki Archaeological Zone

This monumental work, a place of rest and family coexistence, symbolizes the definitive take off towards the new greatness of Campeche that many generations will enjoy and that will undoubtedly be taken as an architectural model in many parts.

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