In Tabasqueño Mayan Ruins, there have been realized works of conservation and investigation, for what they do not possess corridors for his visit, not reace of clear squares; it is important to observe in the site the structure named toast emblem that there are investigations that it affirms that it has a relation with astronomic observations but they lack foundation, the most probable thing, it is that this type of structures have been used instead of stelas, that is to say, there the most relevant information of the city was provided.

Tabasqueño is a site which explored area consists of a rectangular square delimited in his cuatros sides for building typical of the style architectural chenes. The structure, also known as temple – palace, is possibly the most important of the site.

It consists precisely of a temple centred on a building of an alone plant with eight rooms and a wide central perron, the above mentioned temple shows in his main face one of the most haughty versions of front page zoomorfa integral inside a compact design on that there border angle large masks of the monster of the land, and waterfalls of Chac’s large masks I dress of profile in them fail of the front, and it is crowned by a discharge crestería soaked.

To the Southwest of the building a tower of 3.5 is located mts. Of height. There treats itself about a tower emblem that constitutes a vertical version of the cresterías, something like made stela everything of masonry and a crestería in strict sense.

To come to the site there is realized by the federal road Mexico 261 that he communicates to Hopelchén with the population of Dzibalchén, at a height of the kilometre 35 one takes it turned aside for a dirt track of 4 kilometres up to coming to the archaeological site.