The State of Campeche conserves inside its customs and traditions a rich handcraft, same inventory that for the variety, volume and production value, it is important, since this activity represents a sociocultural manifestation in different communities, as well as a permanent source of revenues for dozens of families that subsist of this activity.

The handmade activity is carried out in the eleven municipalities that form the State. They highlight among them for their production, diversity, beauty and quality of their crafts the municipalities of CalkiníHopelchénCampecheCarmenChampotónHecelchakán and Tenabo.

artesanias campeche

In this artistic and creative tradition, such elements are used as: I sweep, wood, products vegetables and natural fibers, those which fused they give form and design to the modern thing and the traditional thing.

We recommended to him to buy in: Tukulná (“Casa del Pensamiento”) DIF Calle 10 No. 333, entre 59 y 61, Historic Center.