Campeche Historical Center is a whole piece of history in its streets and alleys can feel the presence of the Spanish conquerors, pirates invaders, civil strife of the nineteenth century.

At present the capital’s historic center of Campeche, the main nerve of the business, cultural, administrative and tourism is an amalgam of buildings of the sixteenth, XVVII, XVIII and XIX, as are the buildings with architecture military, civil and religious, as well as office complexes and houses from the XX century, located in areas from the sea.

Centro Historico de Campeche, Campeche

Cultural Patrimony of Humanity

On December 1st the committee of World Patrimony and the Organization of Nations for the Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) awarded Campeche City for its beautiful colonial architecture and restoration of its facades.

Thanks to the combined effort of Campeche State Government and Campeche City Major to implement laws and regulations regarding the development of the Historical Town Center and local neighborhoods and businesses, Campeche has been able to preserve and restore its historical beauty.

On June 27, 2002 UNESCO awarded Cultural Patrimony to Calakmulfor all of its work in maintaining and restoring the ruins, along with its preservation of fragile ecosystems and native plant and animal lives. Campeche is the sixth Mexican State that has been awarded Cultural Patrimony twice by UNESCO.

Calakmul is located in the heart of the biosphere reserve of the same name, being the second most important American Lung and largest tropical forest of Mexico 723 000 185 hectares.


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