The Peten (Petenes) region of Campeche, was declared a special area of protection of wildlife and aquatic on June 4, 1996, thus forming an integral part of all protected areas in the state of Campeche, which includes the lagoon of terms, and Dzibalchen, Calakmul.

In May 1999, the hillocks region was declared a Biosphere Reserve. In general, the different landscape units that are part of the peninsula, have some degree of disturbance.

It has an area of 282 000 hectares and covers 857 municipalities CalkiníHecelchakánTenabo and Campeche.

This reserve is located hillocks (complex habitats as islands), where Chechen growing tree species like mahogany, fig, palm and mangrove chit from different genres, which allows retention of at least 473 plant species, 22 of them endemic (characteristic of the region), three endangered species, two rare and 5 belonging to the group of species under special protection.

As regards its fauna, found the crocodile, alligator, the heron candida, white ibis, white-winged duck, parrot Yucatan, the storks, hawks concheros, gray and Conchs, the howler monkey, anteater, four-eyed opossum, the old forest, white-tailed deer and brocket and manatee.