The Calakmul Biosphere is located in the southeastern state of Campeche. It is a protected area by decree on May 22, 1989 with an area of 723 000 185 hectares, the reserve area is Mexico’s largest tropical. Internationally an organic link between the humid forests of the Peten region of Guatemala and Chiapas lancandona with North and Caribbean region of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Among its attractions is the archaeological site of Calakmul, located 90 km. on the road EscárcegaChetumal, to reach the site there is a deviation to the south, 60 km. back inside the jungle.

Calakmul has ecosystems of great importance, richness and fragility among the three predominant forest types: low forest, evergreen forest and high forest and small meadows, open areas and forest areas acahuales under management.

The reserve is home to different species are in danger of dying out, most notably: anteater, curassow, tapir and the harpy eagle, jaguar, ocelot, jaguar, spider monkey, howler monkey.

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