Xcalumkin Mayan Ruins are one of the richest sites in epigrafías and of the best of the architecture Puuc in the condition. It is considered to be the regional capital of when fewer 25 sites that are located around it, recently have effected works of restoration and local exploration.

The site was brought by Maler at the end of the 19th century, and I am called it Xcalumkín for there know this way the sheets in which one finds most of his constructions, though there are some buildings on several attached hills.

According to Maler the toponímico can be translated as “doubly good soil exposed to the Sun”, though the North American historian Ralph Roys proposes that the name of the site can be Calomkín, who means ” window where it enters the Sun “.

The palace of the cylinders, seemingly the most voluminous structure of the site, conto with ten rooms, his main face, has a wide demolished perron, under which there exists an arch that facilitates the access to five rooms of this sector, in his low part they appreciate several groups of three cylinders alternated with staggered fretworks, in the interior it was placed, in order to protect her, ” the old woman “, an anthropomorphous seated sculpture, which face seems to arise from a hull or helmet that simulates the jaws of a reptile.

This one was found in a located place 150 meters to the northwest of the Group of the Initial series.
This archaeological site is located to 85 kilometres to the northwest of Campeche’s city, to the east of Hcelchakán’s municipality.