Chicanaa Mayan Ruins. Its name means “the house of the mouth of the serpent”, this archaeological site was an important city of the region of river Bec, salesman of Becán.

His development was from 300 B.C. reaching his height between 550 and 700 A.D., though she was kept occupied until the year 1000.

In this site you will be able to find several buildings around a central square, as the structures I and the IInd. The structure the IInd is considered to be the most important point since in her the most elaborated building of the site is.

Chicanna Campeche

The first building is a rectangular building with rooms to the center and flanked by two towers of corner rounded, with perron and simulated temples that were possessing large masks of the god of the rain; and the second one is one of the most beautiful buildings of the region, since his front is decorated richly to the purest style Rio Bec, with motives that resemble one enormous large mask of the god Itzamná, whose opened jaws frame the door of the enclosure.

On having entered to the zone you were finding the square, almost square, whereas eastward there is located the structure I, which consists of an elongated building that has six fourth parallel. His front shows decorative panels between smooth walls, which show large masks superposed of the solar god.

The front page zoomorfa central is a head of serpent that goes from the frieze up to the soil; the great large mask is done of mosaic of stone and stucco, and represents Itzamná, the monster of the land or inframundo.
His visits are from Monday until Sunday of 08:00 to 17:00 hours.

Chicanna Campeche