Dolphin Watching Tour in Isla Aguada

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Get ready to embark on an exciting dolphin watching tour as you explore the natural wonders of this region. During this unforgettable experience, you will have the opportunity to admire these magnificent marine mammals up close in their natural habitat.

But that's not all, we will also visit three small paradise islands that will captivate you with their pristine beauty and rich marine life.

Dolphin Search

Tour de Observación de Delfines en Isla Aguada

The tour starts from the fishing pier located next to the pier of Isla Aguada, the first thing that is done during the tour is an activity called “search for dolphins ” where you can find these beautiful mammals in their natural habitat feeding, some of them have already become accustomed to the presence of the fishermen, so they will approach the boat without fear.

Our expert guide will take you in a comfortable boat along the coast, where you will witness the jumps and acrobatics of the dolphins as they swim freely.

At the same time you admire the beauty of the port's coast.

Comadres Island

Comadres Island

After observing the beautiful dolphins, we will head inside the Termino Lagoon to reach our first stop, which is a small island called Las Comadres, here you can walk on the sand and you can see how a path emerges from The waters and waves can barely cross it and although it is very small it is the perfect fantasy for all of us who have wanted to have our own island, the waters are crystal clear and on the one hand the waters are much calmer.

Bird Island

Bird Island

In our second stop we will visit the island of birds, only this time we will not get off the boat but from the Terminus Lagoon at a safe distance we will be able to observe the birds that live on this island, mostly frigates and cormorants which are also known as “diving ducks.”

Isla El Arenal

Isla de los Pájaros

Finally we will visit the island called El Arenal, this is the largest island on our tour so here we will disembark the boat to enjoy some free time on its beautiful beaches, there is a large palapa to protect us from the sun and Just behind it we can see a small lagoon where there are herons, seagulls, pelicans, and cormorants. If you visit it during the breeding season, it is very likely that you will see the chicks of all these species of birds. We recommend keeping a safe distance so as not to disturb them. Also in the area we can observe manta rays.

Here you can take advantage of the time to take some spectacular photos and to share with your family and friends in order to motivate them to visit us.

We recommend that you walk slowly and not make a lot of noise so that you can observe them very closely.

Also here you will be able to see live snails, crabs, crabs and fish, without a doubt when you tour the other end of the island you will be able to put together a wonderful collection of seashells of different sizes and colors.

We recommend that you bring water, sunglasses, biodegradable sunscreen, a cap or hat, a photo and/or video camera.

Isla el Arenal

In the protected natural area of the Laguna de Terminos there is a wide variety of birds; In the swampy region there are crocodiles, fish and various species of crabs.

This region has been considered a natural sanctuary for the reproduction of thedolphin, the hawksbill turtle and the manatee.

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  • Dolphin Watching in their Narual Habitat
  • Observation of various birds such as: White Herons, Tiger Herons, Pelicans, Cormorants, Seagulls
  • Island of the Comadres
  • Bird Island
  • Arenal Island
  • Interpretive Guide.
  • Life jackets.
  • A spectacular view of the port from the boat
  • Stingrays
  • Virgin Beaches


  • Biodegradable sunblock
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Swimsuit
  • Cap
  • Repellent
  • Camera

The Tour does not include:

  • Tips
  • Drinks

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