Bacalar, also known as Seven Colors by the many shades between green and blue because that shows the clarity of the water, the background color, the sun and deep, the town of Bacalar is located 35 km northwest the city of Chetumal with a distance of 30 minutes.

Bacalar lagoon is a enormous expanse of deep surge with soft white sand and a blue light waves, the lagoon is part of a lake about 55 kilometers long that connects the Bay of Chetumal by Rio ondo and stereo Chaac.

The fort of San Miguel Bacalar is one of the biggest attractions of this beautiful place, this historic landmark to a few remaining traces of past battles on the walls, columns and bastions. Built in 1729 “El Fuerte de San Miguel” of Bacalar was an example of military architecture in New Spain because thanks to this place was to prevent raids by pirates and buccaneers, as well as being a witness to countless historic battles against the Englishmen who sought to control trade in wood and other dye woods existing in the region.

Fuerte de San Felipe en Bacalar.

In Bacalar you can find beautiful dive sites including the “Cenote Azul” and are sites that offer a mystical beauty, surrounded by a large vegetation can also swim, take boat rides, sail or kayak, or spend a nice day ad ofrce looking at the wonders that this beautiful place.

At the entrance to the town of Bacalar and one side of the lake is the beautiful Cenote Azul, about 90 meters deep and 200 wide. This place, which looks like a small pond surrounded by vegetation, is a favorite of divers, offering a large number of whimsical passages, caves and rock formations to explore.