Diving in Chinchorro Reef is a fun experience because it is a barrier Banco Chinchorro coral reef, part of the reserve reefs in Mexico, and is second in the chain of reefs in the world.

Chinchorro bank in shipwrecks can be seen that over time have become a favorable ecosystem full of life which abounds in various species of coral and variety of fish with stunning colors.

Front to the Yucatan Peninsula, roughly the height of Chetumal, at 24km to the east, lies boat, a reef 70 km long by 25 wide.

Chinchorro consists of three cayos: Cayo North, Cayo Central and Cayo wolves. They are the places that terrestrial and marine life in these places you can admire the beauty of nature, they can see migratory birds and endemic.

You can also find reptiles, including turtles, now endangered.

Chinchorro is about 32 km east of the coast of Quintana Roo and is required if you want to visit one days at least. This place an attractive destination for fans of diving and snorkeling around the world.