Very close to Punta Allen and forming part of the Sian Ka´an biosphere reserve is Punta Herrero, a small, very friendly and hospitable fishing village.

Here you can enjoy a real rest, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as it is somewhat isolated from the outside, the only thing you have to do is take a pleasant and well-deserved rest.

It has some cabins for rent to spend the night, but it also offers large spaces to camp under the light of the moon and the stars; During the day, the community of lancheros offers you boat tours and tours where you will have the opportunity to put your fishing skills into practice, and even when you return to the mainland you can prepare what you have caught in the way you want and can also order advice to these same people, so they will guide you to prepare the dishes in the way of Punta Herrero.

The inhabitants of this place live primarily from service to people like you who enjoy ecotourism and nature, just as there are families dedicated to the cultivation of lobster, the most common seafood in this area, and of course fishing.

Punta Herrero is a totally isolated place in full contact with nature, surrounded by large bushes and beautiful flora and fauna, for this reason it is recommended to carry repellent, since mosquitoes do not wait until evening falls; in the same way, it has a small shop where you can buy what you need for a comfortable rest.

It can be reached by land, crossing a 40-kilometer dirt road, a bit bumpy but well worth it, but you can also take a boat from Punta Allen.