Xcalak one of the last unspoiled corners of the Mexican Caribbean is located south of Costa Maya, and the second largest coral reef in the world’s largest, located directly opposite the coast of Xcalak and Banco Chinchorro close. Just 60 kilometers south Mahahual is a major tourist destination.

Xcalak previously communicated with the city of Chetumal via a ferry, its communication is via a road that connects to Mahahual.

xcalak, costa maya

Xcalak is located in the channel of Zaragoza, a channel that enables communication of the Bay of Chetumal to the Caribbean Sea without having to pass through the territorial waters of Belize.
Xcalak is a population of 252 inhabitants on the Caribbean coast of Mexico in the state of Quintana Roo.

Xcalak is located in the center is called the Great Maya Reef, diving in Xcalak is impressive because you can dive boat at the bank the largest coral atoll reef maya. Diving in Chichorro Bank as it is immersed in a dream in the midst of shipwrecks from all eras and nations admiring the beautiful species of black coral and large school of colorful fish, sea turtles, lobsters, etc.

An easy hour and a half journey on a comfortable boat specially designed for diving, has Tzimin, leads to the incredible and spectacular Chinchorro Bank.

In Xcalak, you can make fly fishing, the esnoquelear, diving or just to spend a relaxing day encompania of the family or loved one and know the great variety of plants and animals found in Xcalak, both in the marine environment as land.