It is the most widely studied site in Quintana Roo, it also has the largest number of open areas in sight. This site is of great interest for its architectural ensembles explored to this day, it allows to know aspects of the daily and ceremonial life of the ancient inhabitants of this site.

This place is made up of a series of architectural complexes of a ceremonial nature as a residence, some of which could function as neighborhoods or high-level family groups.

Currently you can start the tour in the residential complex associated with the acropolis, where you can admire an interesting set of residential buildings and equipped with sidewalks, niches and various elements associated with daily life.

You will find the Temple of the Masks this was for those of high rank among other buildings was the Plaza de las Estelas (the palace of the Stelae, the Graderia and the King) in these possibly public or administrative activities were carried out. Also the acropolis belongs to the high-level residential buildings.

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins

Buildings of lesser rank were the building of Merwin here you will be able to appreciate less interest perhaps because it is an administrative function and one of its simplest are the platforms or "routes" of the residential complex located to the west of the Merwin square; In this place, a large amount of carving waste could be found, which makes us suppose that its inhabitants were artisans dedicated to making flint tools.

During your visit to this place you will be able to notice the various structures, which will allow you to recognize the style of the developments of the architectural styles of the site, from the Petén-type “apron moldings” of the Temple of the Masks, to the embedded columns. on the walls that are reminiscent of those of the neighboring Río Bec region and that can be seen in a good number of buildings.

Kohunlich, Mayan Ruins