In the extreme south of the state of Quintana Roo, in a remote place, there is an archaeological zone little spread compared to some others, it is Chacchoben.

It is believed that the inhabitants of this place settled here due to its proximity to several lakes, since it was from these where they obtained the necessary water for their subsistence, it was until the early classic when their constructions began to rise and to be populated a little more.

According to the structure of its buildings, it has been concluded that this civilization maintained a very close relationship with the inhabitants of the Petén, in the same way, materials typical of the Belize area have been found, so it is deduced that its link was greater with that area. .

Ruinas Mayas de Chachoben en la Costa Maya

This site is one of the youngest in the peninsula in terms of its discovery and exploration, as it was only found in 1994 and to date it has been possible to rescue important elements, mostly in the central part of the place.

The extension of this archaeological zone is approximately 70 hectares, of which structures such as the Gran Basamento, the tracks and Group two can be seen, inside the latter is the tallest construction of the entire place.

Ruinas Mayas de Chachoben en la Costa Maya

In some parts, elements such as censers, pocket knives, knives, among others, have been found, which show that the main use that was given to these buildings was religious and civic, it has also been concluded that the Great Basamento was used as a temple.

To get to Chacchoben you must take the road to Chetumal, it is located three kilometers from Lázaro Cárdenas, it is easily accessible because it is located next to the highway.