Chetumal Bay has different lagoons, each one with its own beauty and with much to offer its visitors, but also the communities that surround it are beautiful and with great hospitality and kindness on the part of those who reside there.

Proof of the above is Calderitas, a small fishing village, just 10 kilometers from Chetumal, with a great story to tell, since those dominant and powerful Mayans of the area lived here.

The appearance of this place is like that of a neighborhood, like those of Chetumal, with a Caribbean atmosphere and the best seafood in its restaurants, as well as offering a wonderful view of the sea.

Calderitas Chetumal Quintana Roo

The roofs of the houses are made with palms, thus counting on cool and not very heated spaces compared to those in the city; In the restaurants you can enjoy delicious dishes made with seafood such as shrimp, snail, lobster, octopus and other delicacies from the sea, all in different styles, depending on the place, as each restaurant has its own menu and recipes.

The bay has been enabled so that it is used as a spa, in other parts a few sandbags have been accommodated, thus forming a large artificial beach in which to refresh and rest, however this part is not very crowded.

Calderitas Chetumal Quintana Roo

Here you will easily find hotels and places to camp, in addition to enjoying the boat rides offered by the inhabitants of the place, which will take you to a viewpoint where you can enjoy the splendid view that the varied species of birds offer you.