About 150 kilometers from Chetumal, capital of the state of Quintana Roo, is the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, named in honor of this famous political figure from Yucatán.

It was founded in October 1850, during the caste war as a refuge for the Mayans who were fighting, under the name of Chan Santa Cruz, some years later it would become what it is now, the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto.

Almost 90 percent of the total territory of the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve is found on its surface.

One of the main attractions of this place is the Ceremonial Center of the Talking Cross, where the conquerors gathered the natives to evangelize them, with this cross they made them believe that it was she who spoke and asked them to convert.

Feliper Carrillo Puerto

However, this temple is not the only thing to visit here, you can also go to the Church of the Holy Cross or visit the pile of lashes, places that were used during the same caste war; other places such as the house of culture, the regional museum of music or the tourist hostel.

It also has a museum in which works by different artists are exhibited as well as some elements used during the caste war, a few weapons, paintings, photographs among other documents that show what was lived at that time.

Throughout the year, the community holds different celebrations in honor of the saints of whom they are devotees, with guilds, bullfighting days, prayers and other offerings, of course the most common dishes of this place, such as the black fill, among others.

Feliper Carrillo Puerto