Belonging to the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, in Quintana Roo, we find one of the greatest protagonists of the caste war, Tihosuco.

Around the year 1534, who would be the European conquerors arrived in Mexican lands, upon reaching the Caribbean coast, they founded the Franciscan province of San José, encompassing all that is now the state of Quintana Roo, and thus they were segmenting it into different communities , seeking the most populated and advanced to settle the main starting points for evangelization, Tihosuco being one of them.


However, the history of this place does not begin there, because with the arrival of the pirates, it was attacked and partially destroyed in its attempt to reach Valladolid; When the natives rose up against the evangelizers, what we know as the caste war was unleashed, demolishing what little was left of the site, leaving it almost completely destroyed.

To learn a little more about these events and have a vision of the life that the ancient settlers led, you can visit the museum of the caste war located in Tihosuco, where you will also find a model that represents what happened.

Tihosuco is located at a distance of approximately 80 kilometers from Felipe Carrillo Puerto, in the direction of Valladolid.