Upon reaching Bacalar, if you continue along the coastal part, almost touching the lagoon, you will find one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature, the Cenote Azul, a few meters from the mainland you will be able to observe a large open pit, with an approximate depth of 100 meters of fresh water.

This cenote is a paradise for those who enjoy experienced diving, because due to its depth and elements that make it up, it is quite an adventure to enter its waters, however it is necessary to have the appropriate equipment and take the necessary precautions, in the end the satisfaction it is indescribable and you will want to return soon to explore another part of it.

Cenote Azul

At first glance it looks like a large lagoon, however it is known that it is a cenote due to the caverns that are inside and the eye from which the water emanates, the mouth connects with the Bacalar lagoon, where those warm waters mix with the cold of this cenote.

It is so large and with so much to offer, that it has different spaces of varied depths for each type of diver, so, if you are not experienced enough to reach the deepest part, you can explore some pools that are less deep, where you can also You will find impressive rock formations of different sizes, as well as some small walls, creating real scenes that with the help of the imagination can take even more surprising forms.