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Chuburná Puerto is a magical corner in Yucatán that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the authenticity and beauty of coastal life. Whether enjoying its quiet beaches, exploring its natural attractions in the mangrove channels, the dzul ha waterhole or savoring the delicious local cuisine on a picnic at sea on the island of swings, this charming fishing port promises an experience unforgettable for those looking to disconnect and connect with the true essence of Yucatán led by the expert guides of Discover Chuburná Tours and Fishing.

Tour to Isla los Columpios.

Tours Isla ColumpiosTours Isla Columpios

Enjoy a tour to the Isla de los Columpios, one of the most popular attractions in Chuburna, here you can take hundreds of selfies in the spots that we have prepared for you, observe the natural beauty and fauna of the place such as herons, pelicans, cormorants, while you soak your feet in the crystalline waters or swing on the swings.


  • Duration: 2 Hours
  • Price: $300 MX per person
  • Round trip transfer from Chuburná to the Swing Island

3 in 1 Kayak Experience

Tours Isla ColumpiosTour Kayak a Isla Columpios

In this experience it begins in the sheltered port from where we will depart by kayak to visit the Island of Birds, where we can see aquatic birds of the region such as pelicans, herons, cormorants, seagulls, among others and then head towards the tunnel of mangrove and finish our tour visiting the swing island, where we can take some photos in the spots, swing on the swings or rest for a while.


  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Price: $350 MX per person
  • Round trip transfer from Chuburná to the Swing Island

Dream Picnic Experience

Pic Nic en Isla Columpios Tours Isla Columpios

An ideal experience to enjoy with your partner, family or groups of friends. We will depart from the sheltered port of Chuburná taking a boat tour until we reach the Isla de los Columpios to enjoy a delicious picnic where a palapa with its table and chairs has been prepared so that you can taste the delicious fruit of the season and a Ceviche.


  • Duration: 3 Hours
  • Price 2 to 4 People: $3,000 MXN
  • Price 5 to 6 People: $3,500 MXN
  • Price 7 to 10 People: $6,000 MXN
  • Includes: Boat transfer, 1 Kayak, Cevice, Fruit and Fresh Waters.

Yalahau Dzul-Ha Experience

Dzul Ha Playa La Carbonera

Without a doubt the most complete experience we offer, starting from the sheltered port by boat we will visit the virgin beach of La Carbonera, one of the most beautiful beaches in Yucatan and where you can take some sensational photos, then we will take a kayak tour to reach the Dzul-Ha coastal spring, where you can take a dip in its crystalline waters and then head towards the Isla de los Columpios, the most popular in Chuburná with its beautiful spots and viewpoints, the perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty.


  • Duration: Approximately 5 Hours
  • Package for 6 people: $4,000 MXN
  • Includes: Boat transfer, 1 Kayak, Ceviche, Life Jackets, Carbonera Beach, Dzul-Ha Spring and visit to Isla Columpios.
  • You can bring additional snacks and drinks.

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