Welcome to Chuburná Puerto, a magical corner on the Yucatan coast that will make you fall in love with its picturesque charm and authenticity. This small fishing town is located just a few kilometers west of Progreso, offering visitors a unique experience and relaxing away from the crowds.

White Sand Beaches and Turquoise Waters

Chuburná Puerto is known for its white sand beaches and turquoise waters, creating an idyllic setting for sun and beach lovers. The calm coasts are perfect for relaxing, sunbathing and enjoying the sea breeze. You can take a walk along the beach at sunset and witness one of the most impressive natural spectacles.

Playa Las Dunas, Playas de Chuburná Puerto

Las Dunas Beach

These beaches, characterized by their soft white sand and crystal clear waters, are a serene refuge for those seeking tranquility by the sea. The Chuburná Dunes offer a picturesque setting with their sand formations that rise majestically, providing not only an impressive visual spectacle, but also a perfect space to relax and enjoy the sun. Immerse yourself in the turquoise waters, stroll along the shore while the waves caress the beach and let the natural beauty of Las Dunas envelop you in a unique and captivating coastal experience in Chuburná Puerto.

Some families or couples come to camp on these beaches, because the influx of tourists is less than on other more popular beaches, only making bonfires is not allowed.

Pelicanos en Chuburna Puerto

Lush Marine Life

Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the rich marine life of Chuburná Puerto. From the seabirds that fly overhead to the colorful fish that swim in the crystal clear waters, this destination is a paradise for bird watchers and marine life lovers. Are you passionate about fishing? Join local fishermen and experience traditional deep sea fishing.

Also in the afternoons you can see some dolphins that are playing or feeding in the entrance area to the sheltered port.

Pelicanos en Chuburna Puerto

The Islands of Chuburná

Recently several cooperatives and fishermen's organizations took the initiative to enable a new tourist attraction in the area of the chuburna mangroves, with palapas, tables, chairs and hammocks in the middle of some islands and islets so that tourists can enjoy the abundant wildlife and surrounded by crystal clear waters, they also added several spots such as swings, figures of dolphins, lizards, flamingos, they have viewpoints to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views, while enjoying a delicious ceviche or fresh fruit.

In total there are more than 10 groups, however the most popular are Isla Piratas, Agua Azul and Isla Columpios, the latter being the which has become more popular on social networks.

Tours Chuburná Puerto

Dream Picnic en Isla Columpios
Dream Picnic at Isla Columpios

Imagine enjoying a delicious Picnic based on fresh seasonal fruit and mixed ceviche, surrounded by spectacular nature and in the middle of the crystalline waters of Chuburná Puerto.

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Tour al Ojo de Agua Dzul-Ha, Paseos en Kayak en Chuburná
Tour a Dzul-Ha, Ojo de Agua

This tour is done by boat until we reach the virgin beaches of Las Bocas, where we will board a kayak to observe the birds in their natural habitat, until we reach the crystal clear waters...

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Tour a Isla Columpios
Tour to Isla Columpios

Enjoy nature admiring the flora and fauna that surrounds you, you will have time to bathe, enjoy a beautiful panoramic view from the viewpoint, take a kayak ride...

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Tour a Isla Agua Azul, Paseos en Kayak en Chuburná
Tour to Isla Agua Azul

The exit is on the shore of the beach, where we will pass by Isla Pájaros, we will turn and immediately look at the Playón Agua Azul that shares space with Isla Escondida, where for a period of...

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