The remate is an eye of cold and clear water, which traverses across one channel that has a length of eight kilometres; the water current ends finally in the sea.

The water eye is surrounded by the jungle where there are different types of vegetation that grows in the shape of rings, as palms, tulares and red swamps that embrace this sylvan center, serving as refuge for small birds. The former channel is a conduit up to the sea and penetrates in him, course to Isla Arena, crossing the zone of the petenes (they are circular islands of vegetation developed about the water eyes), is where it initiates precisely ” The Remate“.

Also there exist natural long and rectilinear channels that they communicate to the petenes, contributing to the peculiarity of this only landscape in the country, part of the eye has been conditioned as swimming pool natives in that the visitors can enjoy a bath of cold water.

This place has facilities adapted for the visitors, palapas, tables and bankings to go on one day to the field outdoors. About this place you can visit other sites of great interest as archaeological Mayan zones like HopelchénDzibalchénHochobTabasqueño and Dzibilnoac between others of his surroundings is Celestún’s Biosphere, reservation that he shares with the condition of Yucatan, as well as Jaina’s islands or Vida Silvestre de Hampolol’s Station.

As recommendation we suggest you that on having visited The Auction, you should take food, water to drink and sanitary paper, it is advisable like you return with the garbage that you produce and that you do not use suntan lotion not to damage the water the animals and the plants.


Of the city of Mexico it is necessary to direct to Campeche’s city and cross a distance of 1 158 kilometres, with a time of tour approximately of 15 hours with 45 minutes for bus. Of there it has to go to Calkiní’s municipality that one finds to 94 kilometres of distance of the city. Of Calkiní’s municipality, you will have to take the road to Isla Arena, doing a tour of 14 kilometres of paved way, later to take towards the west of the ex-estate Tankuché, which is closely together of the water eye The Auction.