From Rio Lagartos long ago as the nearby ports, keep your thing, a fun alternative magic touch, making us forget just what the city daily. By visiting the Port you can meet the ecological reserve which is made in these people find a single relaxation will also get to observe nature close to the surface.

Rio Lagartos Flamingos, Yucatan Travel

Rio Lagartos is famous for the 20,000 flamingos that arrive between January and September to breed. It is also home to sea turtles which visit the area between June and August and lay their eggs in the hot sand, and over 250 different species of birds visiting Rio Lagartos making it better place for birdwatching.

Here you will find the exact point between the tranquility and adventure, exploring its diverse ecosystems, beautiful beaches, the water spring, known to residents as Chiquilá.

Rio Lagartos Tour.

The Rio Lagartos National Park is considered a real gem for lovers of peace and tranquility, coming to this site you will find tropical forest and royal palms, coconut plantations and stately ceiba trees, the symbolic tree of Yucatan, which remember the remains of prehistoric eras when dinosaurs still ruled the world.

In Rio Lagartos you can see through a boat ride, the colony of flamingos, birds, crocodiles and biodiversity in flora and fauna. The boat rides will provide important information on the flora and fauna.

Rio Lagartos Sand, Yucatan Travel

Visit the port will not be a bad idea, on the contrary, every tourist who comes to this place experiences a clash of culture and customs as in any other Mayan people.

After having traveled all the port and have enjoyed the beautiful landscapes, finally culminating in his walk admiring the most beautiful sunsets.

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